Educational Optical Network Simulation Tool for a Broadband Networks Course

A. Greca and G. Lesaja (USA)


Optical broadband networks, teaching method, simulation software


In recent years we have seen explosive development of networks due to the tremendous growth of users, traffic and bandwidth requirements. New technologies and improvements have been introduced at the fast rate to keep up with the ever growing demand on speed, reliability and security. One of the advanced technologies being successfully introduced is optical networks. This technology is rapidly expanding and is becoming available to businesses and private homes. The development and impact of optical networks has reached the stage which requires introduction of broadband communication courses into the Computer Sciences curricula. The goal of this paper is to introduce the optical network simulation tool that would aid teaching and learning of optical networking technology. The software is interactively built and it incorporates all main components needed for a successful communication in networks. The tool can be used in both undergraduate and graduate courses; however, so far it has been introduced only to master level graduate students. Students’ feedback has been positive and we feel that it has contributed to the increased success in the class.

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