Fault Tolerance Magnetic Coordinate Routing for Mobile Sinks Wireless Sensor Networks (FTMC)

S.-H. Chang, M. Merabti, and H.M. Mokhtar


Mobile Sinks, Data Dissemination, Fault Tolerance.


Extending lifetime and energy efficiency are important objectives and challenges in wireless sensor networks (WSN). Mobile sinks have been proposed and recognized for efficient data dissemination, reduced latency, and energy efficiency for wireless sensor networks. However, Mobile sink wireless sensor networks (MSWSN) also introduce many challenges such as fault tolerance and high performance routing capability. To address these challenges, we propose a novel efficient data dissemination algorithm with fault tolerance capability for mobile sinks wireless sensor networks. This algorithm, Fault Tolerance Magnetic Coordinate (FTMC), is based upon representing the network as a virtual grid and using coordinate conception and magnetic phenomenon for data dissemination in network. We also provide consensus-based fault tolerance scheme to avoid data failure in network. We have conducted a simulation study to our work using the Georgia Tech Network Simulator (GTNetS) simulator. Our simulation results show that FTMC achieves better results than other existing protocols.

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