A Frequency and Polarization Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna for Adaptive Wireless Networks

T. Korosec and P. Ritosa


Wireless networks, microstrip antennas, varactors, frequency agility, and polarization diversity.


In this paper, a novel design of a reconfigurable microstrip patch antenna is presented. The antenna consists of multiple smaller patches connected by varactor diodes, which are biased by four independent bias voltages. They allow frequency tuning, polarization diversity and phase-shifting while maintaining good impedance matching. A prototype was fabricated and tested in the L-band frequency range. The obtained frequency-tuning range is up to 50% of the central frequency with return loss better than -15 dB over the whole range. The polarization could be adjusted either to linear in an arbitrary direction or circular (left- or right hand) with 180° phase-reversal capability.

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