Networked Intelligent Control System using Smart MCC & LonWorks/Ethernet Server for Operating Multi-Induction Motor of Industrial Field

W.P. Hong and W. Dunford


Multi-induction motor control, LonWorks/Ethernet server, Modbus protocol, MIP/DPS, TMS230C32 DSP, and Networked intelligent control system.


This paper proposes a new networked-intelligent control system of smart MCC and LonWorks network based multi-induction motor control and monitoring system. The experimental multi-induction motor based LonWorks network system using LonWorks/Ethernet (Web) server is designed and fabricated. This article addresses issues in architecture of LonWorks/Ethernet sever, embedded processors architecture for converting Modbus protocol to LonTalks protocol, integrating preconfigured software, and internet technologies. It is also verified that the multi induction motor control and monitoring system using LonWorks/Ethernet server have available, interoperable, reliable performance characteristics from the experimental results, especially, the seamless integration of TCP/IP networks with control networks allows access to any control point from anywhere. Thus, the results provide available technical data for remote distributed motor control system of industrial field.

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