DoS Detection in Cluster-based Sensor Networks

G.-H. Lai, C.-M. Chen, and B. Jeng (Taiwan)


Sensor networks, Denial of Service, Clustering, Intrusion detection


Security in sensor networks is vital, because sensor networks often apply to a mission-critical task. Therefore, keeping the network available for its intended use is very important. DoS attack is that attackers try to diminish or eliminate a network’s capacity to perform its expected function. Attackers may simply send redundant data to exhaust the resource of a sensor node or drop data to disturb the result of a query. Due to the limited capability of a sensor, it is very difficult to prevent a sensor from DoS attack. Furthermore, the mechanisms of DoS detection used in the wired or wireless environments may not be suitable for sensor networks. This paper proposed a cluster-based intrusion detection system. A secure monitor called gNode is proposed to observe and to report DoS attack activities. Each cluster contains a number of gNodes and normal sensor nodes. gNodes send back the detection report to its cluster head or sink, if an abnormal event happens. The proposed approach could detect DoS attacks more precisely based on cluster technology. This study expects to establish an energy-efficiency and effective intrusion detection system to detect the DoS attack in wireless sensor networks

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