A Novel Cognitive-Psychology-based Face-Recognition System for Improved Identification Rates for the Problem of Age-Progression

K. Ricanek Jr, R.B. Wilkins, A. Sethuram, and E.K. Patterson (USA)


Face Recognition, Principle Components Analysis, Cognitive Psychology, Own-Race Bias


This paper discusses the novel application of an idea rooted in cognitive psychology to face recognition (FR). This cognitive-psychology method adapted for FR is evaluated against the difficult problem of age progression. The age-progression problem occurs when enrolled images used by the FR algorithm are younger, typically more than one year in difference, than the test (probe) image. A model of a phenomenon in cognitive psychology known as “own-race bias” (ORB) is employed using Principle Components Analysis (PCA) as the face recognition engine. The ORB FR system has demonstrated performance gain of 200% over the baseline technique of Eigenfaces on the MORPH Album 2 face database. Where the baseline system Eigen face FR (which has been described in [1]) had a rank-based identification rate of 23%, the ORB-based FR achieved rates in the mid 50%.

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