Eyelid Image Synthesis using Motion Dependent Texture Mapping

K. Ohzeki, B. Ryo, and H. Murata (Japan)


facial animation, high-definition, eye-blinking, motion-dependent, texture


The authors propose to improvement of a facial animation tool for used in high definition fields. Many facial animation applications require a high-definition version for enlarging facial image resolution on the currently popular large flat displays and for synthesizing slow-motion scenes to obtain special effects. With particular emphasis on the eye blinking action, we investigated the analysis and synthesis of blinking and improved both. For analysis, the eye-blinking action was analyzed using a high-speed camera. Feature points on an eyelid were traced automatically. Regarding synthesis, a change of textures was analyzed. Results confirmed that a method that selects one texture from a database depending on the degree of closure action presents advantages over those methods that use a single texture.

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