Semantic Collaborative Data Sharing

M. Klima and M. Cacky (Czech Republic)


Collaboration, Mobility, Adaptation, Region of Interest, Sharing, Vector Graphics


This paper describes an approach to data adaptation in a mobile collaborative environment. A number of users share 2D vector blueprints, typically of a building. These blueprints are too complex to be shared in real-time in mobile environment. Data reduction and modification technique called “adaptation to the context of use” is used. In this paper we are introducing algorithms that perform different adaptations for individual users so that the users still can communicate and understand each other when browsing the blueprints. The technique is based on SVG graphics, domain ontology, semantic description associated with the SVG, and user’s context of use. The core of the adaptation algorithm is the determination of amount of interest the user has in an object represented in the SVG blueprint. We express this interest by a numerical value named Degree of Interest (DoI). Computation of DoI using semantic and ontological distances is introduced in this paper. Finally practical results and testing are introduced, demonstrated on a collaborative scenario.

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