Context-Sensitive Multidimensional Resource Visualization

O. Khriyenko (Finland)


Intelligent Resource Visualization, context-dependent multidimensional visualization, intelligent interface, visual search and browsing, human-computer interaction.


Next-generation integration systems will utilize different methods and techniques (Semantic Web and Web Services, Agent Technologies and Mobility) to achieve the vision of ubiquitous knowledge. Nowadays, unlimited interoperability and collaboration are important values for industry, business, education and research, health and wellness, and a multitude of areas in daily life. And generally, a graphical user interface that helps to perform interoperation and collaboration processes in convenient and easy ways for users is an essential element in creating and performing processes. Now, when we come to the vision of Web 3.0, vision of a Global Understanding eNvironment (GUN) [1] (where all the resources of the virtual and the real world are connected and interoperate with each other) and an amount of information becomes so huge that existing information browsing techniques do not meet the users requirements, we have to elaborate new visualization techniques that simplify the search and browsing processes through reducing amount of the “steps” on a path leading to the final goal. Following the new technological trends, it is time to initiate a stage of semantically enhanced context-dependent multidimensional resource visualization, which enhances the information search and browsing processes.

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