Scalable Realtime Glyph Rendering on Consumer Level Graphics Hardware: A Hybrid Approach

M. Zechner and W. Kienreich (Austria)


Antialiasing, Glyph Rendering, Line and Curve Genration, Viewing Algorithms


We present a simple glyph rendering approach for 3D visu alizations suitable for drawing large amounts of realtime scalable glyphs while trying to minimize artifacts intro duced by mini- and magnification as well as texture filter ing. Each glyph is stored as a 2D raster image which is later used as a texture. Additionally a triangulation of the outline of the glyph is generated and its basic metrics are calculated. The 2D raster image is used for rendering the glyph at its original point size and sizes below, giving good to perfect results for these scaling levels. For point sizes larger than the original point size the triangulated glyph version is rendered resulting in less pixelated images than the texture approach. A simple size based metric is used to decide which rendering method to use.

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