Improved Accuracy of On-Line Tire Profile Measurement using a Novel On-Line Calibration

K. Khalili and S.M. Nazemsadat (Iran)


3D Scanning, Laser Scanning, 3D Measurement, OnLine Continuous Scanning


Precise tire tread profile measurement can improve quality and deliver significant cost saving over raw material. Current systems provide on-line profile measurements with accuracy of not better than 0.15 mm. Improved accuracy increases quality and widen the applications of profile measurement systems. In this paper a simple laboratory on-line profile measurement system has been developed. A laser light source with Gaussian distribution and sheet of light pattern has been used. A novel on-line calibration along with some other adjustments has made higher accuracies achievable. The system uses a digital camera to capture high resolution images of object. Preprocessing provides a sharply distributed pattern. Images are further processed using image processing techniques and the depth information is extracted using Triangulation method. A brief description of the systems hardware and software are given. The results of experiments are reported.

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