Mesh Fusion using a New and Improved Implicit Vector Field Surface Representation

M. Fournier, J.-M. Dischler, and D. Bechmann (France)


Implicit surface representation, Vector field distance function, Mesh fusion, Marching Cube triangulation.


In this paper we propose a new and improved implicit vector field surface representation to perform mesh fusion in the reconstruction process of 3D objects from scanned data. This new representation is an extension of the implicit scalar field distance function of a mesh. We show our new vector field function is more accurate than the classic scalar field function by comparing both representations with an error metric evaluation. We adapt the fusion process previously performed on the scalar representation to this new implicit vector field function. The Marching Cube triangulation algorithm is also adapted to our new vector representation to correctly reconstruct the resulting explicit surface after fusion. Results show that using this new vector field representation, our mesh fusion and mesh triangulation algorithm designs outperform the previous processes based on the implicit scalar field function representation.

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