End-Effector Trajectory Inversion of a Single Flexible Link Manipulator with Non-Zero Initial States

M. Vakil, R. Fotouhi, and P.N. Nikiforuk (Canada)


Flexible link manipulator, End-effector trajectory inversion, Non-zero initial states


The nonminimum phase characteristics of a single flexible link manipulators (SFLM) is a barrier in the application of existing causal end-effector trajectory inversion methods. The available end-effector trajectory inversion results in a pre-actuation base torque and does not tolerate the existence of the non-zero initial states. In this article a new method for the end-effector trajectory inversion of SFLM with non-zero initial states is introduced which does not lead to pre-actuation. This method can be applied when the desired end-effector trajectory needs to be changed or corrected during the maneuver or when a SFLM is initially bent due to its interaction with the surroundings. The result of a simulation study for an initially bent SFLM is also included. While the method is introduced for the end effector trajectory inversion of SFLM with non-zero initial states, it can be used for the inversion of any linear nonminimum phase single-input single-output system with non-zero initial states.

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