Simulation Study on Energy Conservation of Home Lifestyle by Solar Domestic Hot Water System (SDHW)

P. Xu, W. Gao, and J. Xuan (Japan)


Energy conservation, Solar Domestic Hot Water System (SDHW), Heat exchanger, Simulation, Lifestyle


An attempt was made to simulate conserving conventional fuel in different lifestyle by solar domestic hot water system (SDWH) with a heat exchanger, in which the urban water with pressure flows directly went through the copper coil to exchange with the hot water. For a given energy demand pattern, energy can be saved by replacing with a solar hot water system for domestic applications, including cooking and washing. Based on the existing experimental data and climate condition, the quantity of energy conservation can be calculated by simulation to thermal efficiency. And the results can be summarized that SDHW with the heat exchanger was very energy-saving and clean for residential use.

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