Computer Modeling and Simulation of DC PM Motors

A.A. Zaher (Kuwait) and M. Zohdy (USA)


Modelling, Simulation, PM Motors, Automotives.


This paper introduces a robust mathematical technique for modeling and simulation of DC PM motors. The proposed methodology fits experimental data, obtained from Dyno lab-test, to an analytical model that is capable of faithfully reproducing all involved signals and motor parameters. The proposed mathematical model is assumed linear to facilitate the modeling process. Nonlinear effects due to changing operating conditions are investigated, and a ro bust data-fitting algorithm is augmented to the linear model to compensate for their effects. The proposed tech nique is exemplified by an HVAC motor that has typical applications in automotive industry. The simulations are carried out using SaberĀ® software and verified using MATLABĀ® . Practicality of the proposed technique is ad dressed and its extensibility to other similar problems in different fields is also discussed.

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