A Rule Meta-Model for Business Rules

J. Pavón, S. Viana, and E.G. Lino de Campos (Brazil)


Business Rules, Rule Meta-Model, ECA Rules (ADBMS)


Active Database Systems (ADBSs) provides a good infrastructure to define and execute active rules. However, despite the importance that ADBSs attach to rules, they do not have an appropriate model for business rules; they consider only rules related to integrity constraints on data. Nevertheless, business rules go beyond this restricted view, since they determine the modus operandi of a business, which can be very complex. This paper discusses and analyzes the current solutions for rule management. A rule taxonomy with the main rule types existing in literature is presented, and then, we propose a rule meta-model to represent the characteristics and anatomy of each rule type. This meta-model is the base to extend the current rule models of ADBSs in order to add efficient rule management mechanisms.

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