Supersaturation for Crystallization Process Control Optimization of Raw Cane Sugar at Worthy Park Estate

A.B. Darmand, R.S. Mohabir, and V.H.C. Watt (Jamaica)


Crystallization Process, Optimal Sucrose Recovery, Controlled Process, Supersaturation, Process Dynamics, Control Mechanism. Nomenclature U = Controller Output T = Time PV = Process Value ∆ = Change E = Evaporation SS = Supersaturation P = Purity m = Mass Bx = Gravimetric Solids or Brix Kp = Proportional Gain Ff = Feed Forward PID Subscripts I = Integral Constant D = Derivative Constant S,n,k,i,j = Sample 1,2 = Initial / Final Condition opt = Optimal c = Composite


This paper presents the control principle employed in achieving the objectives of supersaturation control of the crystallization process at Worthy Park Estate, highlighting factors that impede optimal sucrose recovery. A proposed solution that utilizes two (2) classes of the Supersaturation Parameter for optimizing the control mechanism during periods of extreme process dynamics is also presented. The results of pan boiling following a simulation are analyzed statistically to highlight the hypothetical gains and benefits, and suitability of the proposed solution.

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