Using a Model based on Linearization of the Current - Voltage Characteristic for Electric Arc Simulation

M. Panoiu, C. Panoiu, I. Sora, and M. Osaci (Romania)


Electric arc modeling, PSCAD EMTDC simulation program


The simulation is very useful in analyzing the behavior of nonlinear loads such the electric arc furnaces. The electric arc is a nonlinear element and from this reason it give rise to negative effects on the electric power quality, especially in case of the UHP electric arc furnaces (harmonic currents, reactive power and unbalance three phase load). For this reason it must find a model which reflects the behavior of the electric arc. In this paper it was use a model based on the current – voltage characteristic of the electric arc. The simulation results was compared with the measurements made by the authors on an industrial plant, where a 100 t UHP electric arc furnace functioning. All the simulation was performed using the PSCAD EMTDC simulation program.

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