Efficient Simulation of Automotive Multi-Physical Systems by Optimization with Evolutionary Algorithms

R. Dölling, H. Mielenz (Germany), and C.L. Müller (Switzerland)


Automotive Simulation, Evolutionary Algorithms, Effi cient Co-Simulation, InSiMS


Microelectronic products for automotive applications are characterized by an ever-increasing level of integration complexity concerning electronic and multi-physical sub systems. Since the functional verification of a developed system is normally done by transient simulations, system engineers have to integrate models of different physical dis ciplines efficiently into one simulation environment. This paper discusses the parameter optimization of a simulation protocol for a multi-simulator co-simulation tool called In SiMS, using a multiple-objective evolutionary algorithm. Two objective functions are used to minimize the error for the transient signals and to maximize the simulation speed up compared to a set of nominal simulation runs. The ben efit of the proposed method will be illustrated by the simu lation of a fuel injection system, consisting of a hydrome chanic injector and an electromagnetic controller.

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