A Flexible Framework for Distributed Three-Dimensional Models in Telematic Applications

F. Driewer, M. Sauer, F. Leutert, and K. Schilling (Germany)


man-machine interfaces, telematics, teleoperation, 3D visualization, virtual reality, robotics


Sophisticated telematic applications require advanced man-machine interfaces. The visualization of dynamic remote scenes via three-dimensional models is one approach for intuitive user interfaces. Advances in computer components allow displaying these virtual worlds on multi-plane projection screens without special computer graphics equipment. This paper presents a framework for distributed three-dimensional models based on Java and Java3D and its application in telematics. It considers especially the design criteria that apply for most advanced telematic applications, e.g. online updates from sensor data. The implementation and several potential application areas are introduced. For example, tele-maintenance of an industrial assembly line and tele-operation of mobile robots are considered.

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