On Singularity Avoidance and Workspace Enlargement of Planar Parallel Manipulators using Kinematic Redundancy

J. Kotlarski, H. Abdellatif, and B. Heimann (Germany)


parallel manipulators, kinematic redundancy, singularity avoidance, workspace enlargement.


The present paper applies kinematic redundancy to a 3RRR planar parallel manipulator in order to reduce the effect of singularity loci within the workspace. The proposed ap proach consists of an additional prismatic actuator at the base allowing a selective reconīŦguration. The relation ship between the redundancy and the effective workspace is studied by introducing a performance index called oper ational effectiveness. It is demonstrated that the proposed simple-redundant scheme is able to outperform more com plex approaches in the sense of singularity avoidance and operational effectiveness improvement.

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