Building Blocks for Simulation of Robotic Manipulators

L.R. Soares Jr. and V.H. Casanova Alcalde (Brazil)


Robotic structures simulation, direct and inverse kinemat ics, robot control.


This paper presents a simple and straight way of computer based simulation of robotic structures. The study of robotic systems demands various skills in order to have an insight, to model and analyze the various mobile elements of a ro botic structure. A robotic manipulator can be modeled as a chain of rigid links interconnected by either revolute or prismatic joints. Once the draft of a robotic structure is de vised, a simulation-based analysis is useful to demonstrate the robot motion and working capabilities. Suitable simula tion functions were then developed within the Matlab with this purpose. The developed robot simulation environment offers adequate graphical tools for modeling motion on ro botic structures.

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