Simulation and Optimization of the Rectangular Stewart Cable-Suspended Robot

J. Hamedi and H. Zohoor (Iran)


Simulation, optimization, load handling, stiffness, and cable suspended robot


This paper proposes simulation and optimization of the rectangular Stewart cable-suspended robot with 6 cable and 6 degrees of freedom. With the selection of proper configuration for load handling and moving in a specified path, unloading and returning to initial position, motion of the robot for covering that path is simulated and for various positions of path, stiffness of robot and tension in the cables are calculated. By selecting the stiffness of the robot as the objective function in genetic algorithm, various sizes of the moving platform as the optimization variable can be evaluated in such a way that the stiffness of robot is optimized. Later motion of the robot before and after optimization can be simulated. The software used for this process is Matlab. Then confirmation of accuracy of these results is analyzed using Working Model 4D software.

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