Robot Hand with Soft Compliant Mechanism for Human Body Care

S. Kajikawa (Japan)


Soft finger, Robot hand, Sensing contact situation, Mas sage, Skin-care


This paper describes a robot hand with soft compliant finger module for safe and comfortable human-care ser vices. In the finger module, we utilize two different kinds of elastic elements at finger-tip and MP joint (Metacarpa Phalangeal Joint) , respectively, so as to realize soft and sta ble contact with human body. At finger-tip, a hemisphere shaped silicone gum cushion is mounted, while eight cylin drical cushions are placed between the motor and the link inside MP joint. These cushions deform easily and, as a result, absorb external forces exerted from multiple direc tions. Furthermore the amplitudes and the directions of applied forces can be estimated with the information of changes in the pressure of each cushion. We examined the fundamental characteristics and performance of this finger module through several experiments. .

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