Study on a New Type of Sole for a Health Care Implement

Y. Hayakawa and Y. Ikeda (Japan)


Pneumatic, Sole, Walking, Rubber Actuator, Health Care


In Japan, many of them restrain user’s body and motion. Therefore, many people pay attention to a walking to keep their health. Therefore, in this study, we propose a new type of sole with high performance by making use of sponge-core-soft rubber actuator (SCSRA). Since the ac tuator can estimate an external force by measurement of pressure in the chamber, the actuator can estimate the dis tribution of the external forces with foot parts. Thus, the actuators can adjust the center of gravity position of the foot part by control of inner pressure. In this paper, basic performances of the proposed mechanism are clarified from some experimental results. Furthermore, we investi gate an adaptive shape of the actuator in the sole to con trol the balance of the foot part.

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