Closed Chain Mechanism of a Micro and Nano Robot for Cell Manipulations

F. Ionescu (Germany), I. Talpasanu (USA), K. Kostadinov, R. Hradynarski (Bularia), and D. Arotaritei (Romania)


micronano robot, piezzo actuation and teleoperation, closed chains mechanisms.


In this paper is presented a developed robotic system for cell micro/nano manipulation and penetration, based on the visual/haptic interface. The operator’s motion and manipulations skills are transferred to the robot control system by direct teleoperation. The robot’s regional structure has three translational joints and one passive rotational joint for the nano robot adjustment. The three-d.o.f piezo actuated nano robot has a compact and stiff structure, to guarantee the three-dimensional nano motion and control for sample manipulation or injection. The closed kinematics structure with three fundamental chains has been chosen for the required working space, high speed, and precision. The digraph-matroid approach is used for the model’s kinematics, and the SDS software for the robot’s simulation.

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