Model-based vs. Model-Free Visual Servoing: A Performance Evaluation in Microsystems

M.A. Hocaoglu, H. Bilen, E. Ozgur, and M. Unel (Turkey)


Visual servoing, Visual tracking, Micropositioning


In this paper, model-based and model-free image based vi sual servoing (VS) approaches are implemented on a mi croassembly workstation, and their regulation and tracking performances are evaluated. A precise image based VS re lies on computation of the image jacobian. In the model based visual servoing, the image Jacobian is computed via calibrating the optical system. Precisely calibrated model based VS promises better positioning and tracking per formance than the model-free approach. However, in the model-free approach, optical system calibration is not re quired due to the dynamic Jacobian estimation, thus it has the advantage of adapting to the different operating modes.

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