Approaches to Mixed Reality User Interfaces for Teleoperation of Mobile Robots

M. Sauer, F. Driewer, K.E. Missoh, M. Gllnitz, and K. Schilling (Germany)


Human-Robot Interaction, Teleoperation, Man-Machine Interface, Mobile Robots, Mixed Reality,


Applications for remote mobile robots still require human operator(s) for various tasks. Therefore, user interfaces for mobile robot teleoperation are an essential part of a suc cessful telerobotic system. Mixed reality, where parts of the real world and virtual objects are merged, can be ben eļ¬cial for providing a multi-sensor interface that combines video data, a priori information, sensor data and human generated input. This paper presents different mixed reality approaches for user interfaces for mobile-robot tele operation, which vary in the ratio of reality and virtuality. A discussion shows advantages and disadvantages of these presented approaches. Furthermore, arising problems are discussed and ideas for improvements are presented.

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