Approaches to Mixed Reality User Interfaces for Teleoperation of Mobile Robots

M. Sauer, F. Driewer, K.E. Missoh, M. Gllnitz, and K. Schilling (Germany)


HumanRobot Interaction, Teleoperation, ManMachine Interface, Mobile Robots, Mixed Reality,


Applications for remote mobile robots still require human operator(s) for various tasks. Therefore, user interfaces for mobile robot teleoperation are an essential part of a suc cessful telerobotic system. Mixed reality, where parts of the real world and virtual objects are merged, can be ben eļ¬cial for providing a multi-sensor interface that combines video data, a priori information, sensor data and human generated input. This paper presents different mixed reality approaches for user interfaces for mobile-robot tele operation, which vary in the ratio of reality and virtuality. A discussion shows advantages and disadvantages of these presented approaches. Furthermore, arising problems are discussed and ideas for improvements are presented.

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