Development of an Indoor Blimp Robot with Internet-based Teleoperation Capability

Y. Ohata, S. Ushijima, and D.N. Nenchev (Japan)


Indoor blimp robot, Internet-based teleoperation, Enter tainment robot, Predictive motion display


We are developing an indoor blimp-type robot to be used at sports and other events. The user gets access to the robot via a mobile phone or a desktop PC (the client), using Inter net connectivity. The user then steers the robot to a desired location and takes pictures with the on-board camera. This paper describes the system architecture, with hardware and software components. The so-called Predic tive Motion Display (PMD) technique [1] is used to sup port the user during teleoperation. The operation mode is a shared control one: the user has full control only within a prespeciļ¬ed area. In this way, undesirable collisions of the blimp can be avoided. Partial autonomous feedback control is envisioned to stabilize yaw and altitude. The paper intro duces also a dynamical simulator, which we found helpful in testing the PMD.

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