Integrating FIRST Robotics Program with University Curriculum

A.D. Tonkonogui, P. Bell, A.R. Linse, and A.V. Mamishev (USA)


Creative design, electrical engineering, FIRST Robotics


FIRST Robotics is a growing program that links high schools, universities, industry, and communities in a unique multi-faceted environment. The program seeks to address the deficiency in science and engineering programs in grade school education by setting up a mentorship system in which high school students are challenged to design and build a robot in six weeks. The emphasis on robotics in the activity title of the program is often misleading, as it does not reflect the complex interdisciplinary environment in which students develop. This article seeks to dispel frequently encountered preconceived misconceptions and to highlight the large scale and cross-disciplinary aspects of a typical participating team. The integration of goals of this program into a two-quarter university-level senior capstone design sequence is discussed.

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