Optimal Muscle Coordination of a Robot Joint using Vibrant Particle Swarm Optimization

M. Suzuki and T. Mayahara (Japan)


multiDOF joint, muscle coordination, particle swarm op timization


The Strand-Muscle Actuator (StMA) proposed by the au thors has nonlinear elastic properties, and easily realizes joint angle/stiffness control, even for multi-DOF joints, by antagonistic actuator installation on the joint. The actua tor is suitable for complex motions in spite of their simple mechanism, and extendable joint mechanism will be possi ble with them. The effectiveness has already been verified by legged robots, multi-finger hands, and 3-DOF joints. This work is concerned with an StMA-based Robot Arm (StMA-RArm), a human-arm-like robot manipulator using StMAs. It’s shoulder part realizes failure tolerant 3-DOF joint angle/stiffness control with redundant muscles. For smooth and dexterous motions real-time cooperative mus cle tension control is necessary. In this article the mecha nism and cooperative control scheme of the StMA-RArm are presented. The Vibrant Particle Swarm Optimization is introduced to solve time-variant optimization problems. And it is then successfully applied to the online coordina tion of redundant muscles.

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