A Study of Safety Control for Omni-Directional Mobile Robots in Consideration of Driving Wheel Slips

N. Ushimi, K. Tsuruta, and M. Yamamoto (Japan)


OmniDirectional Mobile Robot, Safety Control, Two Wheels Caster, Modeling, Driving Wheel Slip


This paper discusses a simulation of Omni-Directional Mobile Robots (ODMRs) in consideration of driving wheel slips. In mobile robot navigation, the use of ODMRs is ex pected in narrow and complicated indoor floors such as of fices with human beings. The ODMR is requested to con trol safely without a obstacle collision in the navigation. The safety control of the ODMR needs to consider driving wheel slips, because special types of driving wheels used for many ODMRs easily slip. A Two Wheels Caster (TW Caster) is specially developed for the measurement of the ODMR driving wheel slip. A driving wheel slip model and tracking control of the ODMR are discussed in simulations. Simulation results show effectiveness of the proposed driv ing wheel slip model, compared with experiments.

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