Redundant Robot Manipulator Control with Obstacles Avoidance using Self-motion Approach

M. Benzaoui and H. Chekireb (Algeria)


Redundant Robot Control, Obstacle Avoidance.


In this paper a control of a redundant robot manipulator is outlined. When this robot manipulator have to track a desired trajectory in Cartesian space and, at the same time, avoid obstacles. For this purpose, generalised inverse kinematic method is used. Self-motion vector is introduced to the inverse kinematic solution of the robot manipulator in order to add the secondary task (obstacles avoidance).Thus, robot avoids obstacles without influencing the main task (trajectory tracking).This self motion is computed from the optimization of an analytical function translating the constraint. Finally, a control of this robot manipulator, incorporating the suggested method is tested in the case of robot manipulator with 3 DOF resulting from PUMA560 robot manipulator.

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