Control of Walking Velocity for a Bipedal Robot using Driving Force Control Method

T. Komatsu and S. Hattori (Japan)


Bipedal robot, CPG, control, dynamic walk, and walking velocity


In recent studies, the ZMP method and the CPG method are mainly used for controlling bipedal robot motions. But it is still difficult for both methods to change the walking velocity freely, that is, to change a motion mode for stepping or quick steps at any time in an unpredictable environment like a human being. This paper proposes the driving force control method to be able to change robot’s walking velocity without any calculations of walking patterns beforehand. Also, we propose the walking axis control method to control dynamical balance in walking motions. With these methods, a robot can change its walking velocity easily not only on a flat floor but also on a slope. Simulation results show the effectiveness of our method.

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