A 3D Mathematical Analysis of Knee Prosthesis Capable of Deep Knee Flexsion

T. Katsuhara, M. Fukunaga, M.A. Hossian, and S. Hirokawa (Japan)


Knee joint model, knee prosthesis, kinetics and kinematics, deep knee flexion


The object of this study is to analyze kinetics and kinematics of knee prosthesis. We have developed a new type of prosthesis which is capable of deep knee flexion. We created a 3D mathematical model incorporating the above prosthesis. Using this model simulation was performed under the conditions of level walking and simple knee flexion. As for simple knee flexion motion, a cadaver experiment was also performed. We performed the simulation under level walking to confirm weather a new type of knee prosthesis functions in a same fashion as the conventional prosthesis. We performed the simulation for simple knee flexion to verify the validity of the model by comparing the results with those of the experiment. Simulation results demonstrated that the contact trajectories and contact stresses of level walking were similar to those of the conventional prosthesis. When we compared the resultant forces during simple knee flexion, the variation pattern from simulation was in good agreement with that of experiment. And we confirmed the feasibility and usefulness of our model.

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