Flow Behaviour in a Novel Graft/Artery Junction

M. Walsh, T. O'Brien, L. Morris, P.D. Devereux, and T. McGloughlin (Ireland)


Flow Patterns, Bypass Graft, Computational Fluid dynamics, Wall Shear Stress


The restoration of blood supply to diseased limb extremities is possible using vascular bypass grafts. However, such procedures have moderate patency rates. This study investigates a novel bypass graft / artery configuration. Numerical investigations using computational fluid dynamics are carried out. Results are presented both qualitatively, using velocity vectors and velocity contours, and quantitatively using wall shear stresses. Results demonstrate the effectiveness of the novel bypass graft in reducing wall shear stresses in the junction area and delivering flow patterns similar to the flow patterns expected in a pre-operative idealised healthy artery. It is concluded that the novel graft could lead to significantly improved patency rates in vascular bypass graft procedures.

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