Fluid-Structure Interaction Approach in Hemodynamic Wall Shear Stress Analysis

V. Kanyanta, A. Ivankovic, and A. Karac (Ireland)


Fluid-Solid Interaction, Atherosclerosis, Hemodynamics, WSS.


The interaction between the flowing blood and the deforming arterial wall is critical in blood flow dynamics and understanding the role of hemodynamic forces such as wall shear stress in atherosclerosis. Numerical studies have become an invaluable tool in providing this understanding. Unfortunately most of these studies have been based on rigid arterial geometries. These geometries do not take into account the interaction between the flowing blood and the dynamics of the flexible arterial wall. This work addresses these irregularities by using a fluid-structure interaction (FSI) approach in wall shear stress analysis while validating the numerical predictions with analytical solutions and results from flow visualization experiments. Mock arteries used in the physical experiments are made of polyurethane rubber whose properties were determined through a series of material tests. Numerical studies are performed using OpenFOAM-1.2, a 3D CFD solver based on FVM. Preliminary results show significant differences between wall shear stress transients in rigid and flexible geometries.

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