Multi Body Solid Dynamic Model and Its Application in Human Kinematic Analysis

J.Z. Li, S.H.N. Tan, C.H. Cheong, and P.V.S. Lee (Singapore)


Multi body solid dynamic model, inverse dynamic, forward dynamic.


A validated multi body solid dynamic human model of the lower extremities was developed in MSC. ADAMS and it is presented in this paper. Inverse and forward dynamic analysis in human kinematics simulations like walking and jump-landing were performed. Three dimensional motion capture system was used to record the position of each segment of the body. The motion data from experiments was imported into the model to train the joint servos which in turn was used to drive the model in forward dynamic analysis. Internal force like muscle force, joint torque and external force, i.e. the ground reaction force can be predicted by this model. The interactions between ground and feet were modeled as rigid body to rigid body contact. Due to the lack of contact parameters, parametric studies were carried out until the difference between simulated and experimental feet-floor contact forces became reasonably low. The validated model provides an efficient tool for further kinematic studies. Results from this model can be used as input conditions to finite element models of specific human body part, for example the knee, for injury prediction studies.

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