Optimization of Barbell Trajectory during the Snatch Lift Technique by Using Genetic Algorithm

S.L. Nejadian and M. Rostami (Iran)


Optimization, sport biomechanics, weightlifting, and genetic algorithm


Mathematical modeling and optimization of snatch technique based on dynamic synthesis is the main purpose of this study. The barbell trajectory is proposed as the main index which was evaluated experimentally by several researchers who introduced optimum trajectory according to percentage of their owners’ success. We believe that in optimizing the barbell trajectory we should consider the mechanical principles. Therefore we use a five-link biomechanical model to evaluate its behaviour and to predict the optimum barbell trajectory which minimizes the specific mechanical criterion by using genetic algorithm (GA) which is theoretically and empirically proven to provide a robust search in complex spaces, thereby offering a valid approach to problems requiring efficient and effective searches. Comparing the results of this model and experimental observations of other researchers, we show an improvement to introduce a good predictive model. Using this model can help the coaches to improve the performance of weightlifters.

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