Morphological Study of the Mandibular Second Molar using a Micro-CT

K.J. Chun, O.S. Yoo, and J.Y. Lee (Korea)


External Size, Internal Size, Measurement, Micro-CT, Morphological Size, and Teeth


Through the external and internal morphological study of teeth, understanding of distinctive feature of teeth according to race and gender could helpful for dentists to treat damaged teeth. The specimens used were 3 Korean male and 5 Korean female mandibular second molars. Internal and external morphological sizes of tooth were measured using a micro-CT which was accurate and non destructive. The external and internal sizes of tooth were measured by utilizing the jig and the tooth size measurement datums. The external size of specimen indicated thicker diameter of crown, shorter length of root and greater curvature of cemento-enamel junction on distal compared to that of Caucasian teeth. The external sizes of Korean male and female teeth showed statistically significant differences in 2 point of 8 external tooth size measurement points. The internal sizes of Korean male and female specimen indicated statistically significant differences at 3 points of 65 internal tooth size measurement points. The external sizes of the mandibular second molar were different according to race and gender, ant the internal sizes of Korean mandibular second molar were partially different according to gender.

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