Decoupled Sequential Estimation of Homeomorphic Deformations

R. Hagege and J.M. Francos (Israel)


Image registration, Image recognition, Parameter estima tion, Nonlinear estimation, Multidimensional signal pro cessing.


We consider the problem of object and image registration, where the observation is assumed to be the result of a ge ometric deformation of a known template. More specifi cally, in the current framework we are interested in the case where the overall deformation is a result of a sequence of deformations the object has undergoneand one is interested in estimating only part of the sequence, in a way that is in variant to the existence of the other deformations. The sim plest example is the case where the deformation is af ne, but one is interested only in estimating the scaling and rota tion, irrespectively of the possible translation. In this paper we present a general framework allowing one to “focus” only on the parts of interest in the deformation, being in variant to “nuisance” parts of the overall deformation. This is achieved by transforming the original problem in which the deformation parameters appear implicitly rather than explicitly, into an equivalent problem which is explicit and linear in the deformation parameters. The representation of the original problem in the “classic” framework of linear spaces enables the adoption of well known linear methods.

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