Registration of Joint Geometric and Radiometric Image Deformation

S.Z. Kovalsky, R. Hagege, and J.M. Francos (Israel)


Computer Vision, Image Registration, Multidimensional Signal Processing, Nonlinear Parameter Estimation.


We consider the problem of object registration where the observation and template differ both geometrically and ra diometrically. The type of radiometric deformations we consider falls into the general framework of color con stancy, and the geometric deformations are affine. Since the registration procedure employs the intensity informa tion in both the template and observation, a solution to the color constancy problem have to be established jointly with a solution to the problem of estimating the geometric trans formation. We show that the original high-dimensional non convex search problem, that needs to be solved in order to register the observation to the template, can be replaced by an equivalent problem, expressed in terms of a sequence of two linear systems of equations. A solution to this se quence provides an exact solution to the registration prob lem.

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