Using Multiple Contoursets to Represent Structures in 3D Images

H. Wang, J.B. West, J.R. Dooley, B. Wang, I.-N. Chang, and Y. Sheng (USA)


Volume of Interest(VOI), segmentation, Boolean operation, interpolation, contour, CyberKnife®


This paper presents a unique framework for representing volumes of interest (VOI) within 3D images. The framework contains a four-tier VOI tree structure, and three Boolean operations defined on top of the structures. The new framework allows complex geometries to be represented, while permitting unambiguous interpolation to be performed between image slices without the necessity for manual component labeling. This framework has been used in the context of treatment planning for the CyberKnife® radiosurgery system, allowing anatomical structures and dose constraints to be easily and intuitively created.

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