Comparison of Heart Rate Estimators for Doppler Radar Monitoring

I. Mostafanezhad, W. Massagram, N. Hafner, N. Petrochilos, O. Boric-Lubecke, A. Hst-Madsen, and V. Lubecke (USA)


Doppler radar, Heartbeat Remote Sensing, QRS Detection, Heartbeat rate estimation.


Sophisticated algorithms for heartbeat monitoring from electrocardiogram (ECG) signals have been investigated for forty years [1]. Most of the actual algorithms are ex tremely reliable and efficient. Nevertheless they cannot be used for remote heartbeat monitoring [2], where the signals are acquired through a Doppler radar system. One chal lenge encountered with heartbeat radar is that after separa tion of two or more heartbeats, the resulting output is sig nificantly affected by the use of a low-pass filter. In this pa per, we investigate the performance of our proposed algo rithm compared to existing heart rate measurement meth ods, and show a decisive advantage when data is acquired through use of a Heartbeat Doppler Radar (HDR).

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