Non-Rigid Mammogram Registration using Demons Algorithm: Preliminary Results

Y. Guo, W.-H. Cheng, and C.-C. Lu (USA)


Mammography, non-rigid registration, bilateral registra tion, demons algorithm


X-ray mammography is the main tool used for the detection and diagnosis of breast malignancies. Mammogram regis tration plays an important role in breast cancer detection. The inhomogeneous, anisotropic nature of the soft-tissue within the breast, its inherent non-rigid body behavior, tem poral changes of the breast tissue, and various imaging conditions, make breast image registration a challenging task. In this paper, we present a novel non-rigid mammo gram registration approach using demons algorithm. The algorithm is fully automatic, intensity-based, and is imple mented in a multi-resolution framework. An extension is also applied to accelerate the convergence. Mammogram data sets from MIAS database are used in our study. Pre liminary results are presented. The performance of the al gorithm was evaluated both visually and quantitatively, and the method yields promising results.

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