Configuring a Real Time Radio Signal Processor on an Embedded System using Compiled XML

T. Eggendorfer and G. Schwarz (Germany)


Embedded systems, XML, Real time, Compiler, Configuration, Digital radio


It is common practice to digitally encode data transmitted over networks, be them wire based or wireless radio networks. In most cases, information send is binary encoded. Then, one or more bits contain a certain piece of information. Quite often, different standards to encode data are in use. A receiver then needs to be programmed specifically for this standard or needs to be able to be configured on the fly. For configuration purposes, XML could be considered state of the art. However, parsing XML requires a huge overhead both in time and computing power because of the complexity of the format. On embedded receivers in real-time environments with harsh maximum execution time limits, this might be to slow. This paper proposes to compile XML to this embedded system's machine code using some XSLTs and analyses technical and performance impacts.

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