Reconstruction of Chinese Tablet Calligraphy Characters

J. Dong, X.-j. Zhang, and Z.-j. Yang (PRC)


Calligraphy, Erosion, Contour smooth, Reconstruction, Fourier transform.


Chinese calligraphy is one of the great arts with long history and wide acceptance. Simulating ancient tablets (stone-carve) calligraphy is a traditional way to learn calligraphy creation. As known to all, much of them were damaged by human beings or eroded by natural environment during past centuries, and currently it’s hard for us to view the original appearance, which is very important for primary learner or computer creation course. Therefore, reconstruction on left tablet calligraphy characters becomes the interesting issue as well as the approach to simulate the imagery thinking, by which experienced artists can smooth the eroded zigzag contour of characters of tablet calligraphy with a glimpse. In this paper, filter, binarization and Fourier transform etc. algorithms are selected to smooth the character contours step by step. The results show that the approach is acceptable.

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