Geometrically Robust Image Watermarking using Star Patterns

J.R. Zhang and J.G. Rokne (Canada)


Image processing and applications, digital image process ing, watermarking.


Digital copyright protection has become increasingly im portant in recent times due to the rapid growth of the In ternet and the proliferation of P2P technologies. Copyright protection of digital images and videos are of particular in terest since they can easily be pirated and distributed ille gally across networks. Existing watermarking methods can embed a signature into a digital image and tend to be ro bust against signal noise and but less so against geometric transforms. Methods that are more robust against geomet ric manipulation are often implemented at great computa tional cost. This paper proposes a lower cost method using point patterns inspired in part by automated star trackers used in astronomy. The method is evaluated and presents some advantages over existing approaches. Weaknesses of the method and areas for future work are also discussed.

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