Demosaicing based on the Correlations between Low-Resolution Images

H.M. Oh and M.G. Kang (Korea)


Color filter array (CFA), Color interpolation, Direction of the edge, Low-resolution image, Within-channel correla tion, Cross-channel correlation.


In this paper, an edge directed demosaicing method based on the correlation between low-resolution images is pro posed. A masaiced image from a Bayer pattern is regarded as combination of four up-sampled low-resolution images. In the beginning of the interpolation of each channel, the images are pre-interpolated toward the horizontal and ver tical direction. The variances on the directionally inter polated image and on the difference domain is calculated based on the within- and cross-channel channel correlation. The missing values of each image is determined by using the variances. In the experimental results, proposed method shows improved result in the subjective and objective crite rions.

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