Watermarking Algorithm with Post-Compression Capability for Digital Video Surveillance

C.-C. Wang and Y.-C. Lin (Taiwan)


Video surveillance, contentauthentication, digital watermarking, video compression.


Advances in Internet technology now have made possible the simultaneous viewing of compressed digital video data by multiple, geographically-dispersed users. However, the video data generated by many applications, including surveillance software, video conferencing, and so forth, are easily modified by competent hackers equipped with suitable tools, and therefore there exists a requirement for systems capable of automatically checking the authenticity and integrity of the streamed video content. Accordingly, the current study proposes a novel fragile watermarking scheme which not only verifies the authenticity and integrity of digital video streams, but also can recompress the bit streams for improving the compression ratio. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is demonstrated in a series of experimental simulations. It is shown that the scheme successfully detects changes made to the content of video streams and identifies the specific location at which these changes have been made. Furthermore, the results show that the scheme can further reduce the length of compressed bit stream by about 4% on average.

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